An Interesting City

It is called an interesting city as it has the depiction of the old and new due to the location or its environment and the present residents. In the center, you could see it is a city with tall buildings and developed environment. It looks like a city and so you can have the amenities you need. But there is also the contrast in the background if you could widen your area of discovery. There are residential houses that are of old designs with roofs of red color.

This scene also depicts the culture of the city with the mixture of the old and new. The elderly surely have their own culture that they have preserved and practice but now it has a mixture of the new culture being influenced by the other nations due to the effect of technology and also the internet. People could now be easily exposed to other people custom and tradition through movies also and videos and documentaries that are easily shared and viewed without limit.

This city also has its own share in the activities of the country as it hosts annually the National Folklore Festival that is held on the month of June. It is a national activity and so you could be able to see more of the citizens were gathered to share together the festivities. This is also the time for singers or performers to showcase their talent that could open doors of opportunity for them to have a wider audience.