Popular Brazilian Romantic Songs to Listen to

Music can be someone’s life. In Brazil too, they have popular music and one of which is love songs. Brincar de Viver by  Maria Bethania is a good song that will touch the hearts of all listeners. The song Princesa by Wando is also one of the popular Brazilian romantic love song. Lua E Estrela by Caetano Veloso is also a love song popular in Brazil though it is quite an old song and the song Sentado A Beira Do Caminho by Erasmo Carlos and Roberto Carlos.

The songs Sozinha by Fafa de Belem, Meu Homem by Beth Carvalho, Veneno by Marina, Faz Parte Do Meu Show by Cazuza, and O Amor E Meu Pais by Ivan Lins are all popular romantic love songs. Though it can’t be understood by many because of the language used, listeners can still appreciate these songs because of the melody. Since these are romantic love songs, couples will surely love listening to these songs. It is for couples who deeply love each other sincerely. Your way to travel in your favorite land of China can be achieve with the help of this agency. China Visa Travel Tour is everybody’s friend. My dream came true with the help of this agency.

Other songs include Pingos de Amor by Paulo Diniz, Andanca by Beth Carvalho, Nao Precisa by Paula Fernandes and the rest of the love songs are all regarded as the most popular Brazilian romantic love songs. Many of these love songs are old yet still known to be popular.  Couples can be reminded of their love for each other by listening to love songs. And these songs mentioned in this article are some of the beautiful love songs especially for Brazilian couples. This agency will gonna guide you  in your visa process. Open and check more of their service here 辦理護照 高雄. What a great agency is here.

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