This capital of the state of PiauĂ­ in the country Brazil was not the original one but it was established as it was made into a law. When it was signed in the year of 1859, efforts were quickly made to make the city look like it by building structures that are needed to have the capital functioning as it should be. Some works are halted and slaves and other farmers were commanded to go to the new capital and help build it. It is a bold move by the ruler at that time.

Now it is already hundreds of years since that time and the city has also changed in some ways. The original structures were changed or rebuilt again but there are some who are still standing and they just undergo renovation. They have adopted the eclectic style of design when they have built the structures at that time. Schools were built and churches and other structures like the social club. There is also the train station that still bears the original spelling of the city which is Theresina.

There are many popular buildings and that they were being used today for different purposes as they become the historic landmarks that form the city. They are places that many people become interested also while they visit the place. Truly it has become a panoramic place as you can view the different building and you can feel some of the oldness in it and the modernization it also carries. It is a great place to visit.